Great post, I agree with every bullet. In enterprise products especially while building for a technical audience, PMs assume that the users are savvy enough to read the docs and figure out how things work. Especially the early adopters who participate in the preview provide a myopic view that what we built is great for the masses. So many good products or features have been killed due to complex user experiences born out of a lack of user empathy.

Thank you for articulating this topic so well!

(topic suggestion :p) It would be great to read your take on how you look for signals amidst all the data you collect from customer feedback and online reviews.

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Used #2 today and discovered that an apparently "extremely user-centric" company has the worst product reviews on Twitter. Interesting to see what people are actually saying, rather than what the company is professing!

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Very true and very often overlooked! Thanks for keeping product management simple and down to earth. Simplicity is powerful.

I provided support remotely many times and the tricky question is “Describe me what you see on screen?!” - If I cannot get a clear picture by the user description, normally the UX is subpar. Reminded me of the “lo-vis” glasses in remote fashion :)

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