So relatable. Thank you for writing this post.

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That's a very insightful post, thanks for your perspective!

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Nov 2, 2022Liked by Ami Vora

Double likes! Cannot agree more.

If I may add to "having a clear goal". Have a clear POV and ideal solution in mind, even if you don't always to push it forward exactly you envision it. This is super important as you are at mid/senior level. Try to lay out the alternatives you have thought of, pros/cons in context that is easy to digest and/or help guiding discussions. For example, I like putting variables and parameters in tables.

Yesterday I discussed challenges and structural issue the current PM team faced with my manager and the GM of the business; while we mostly agreed on direction, I recap action items on both parties and myself. I too, need to hold them accountable especially support is required at their level.

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