#5 is gold. Will start from next Monday!

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Agree, #5 is solid. I built an app to help me with 1 & 2 called HeyToday (HeyToday.co). It still needs some love, but it has been helpful to make the amount of time tasks take more explicit.

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Jun 10, 2022·edited Jun 13, 2022

I love #5 too. I recently read Christine Carrilo mention something similar on Twitter too (https://twitter.com/ChristineCarril/status/1533141752412094466).

I have two tactical questions on this:

1. How granular are the priorities that you share? Can you share an obfuscated version of this week's priority?

2. How do you communicate it to the team? Is it passive (like a doc that anyone can read) or is it more of a push mechanism (email/IM)?

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